I’ve always loved the written word and took an early lesson from my father. He said, “As long as you can read, you can learn to do anything. There is always a book on how to do something.”

It’s true! Perhaps that’s why I’m so versatile and diversified.

Reading the written word isn’t enough for me though. I love to write – whether it is technical writing or fiction, I often enjoy sitting down and writing.

After having documented many of the strange things I’ve seen computers do, and what I’ve done to make them work, I put in a few pieces for consideration by MakeUseOf.com. They liked what I had to offer and my personable way of offering my knowledge. I’ve now got over 100 articles published and continue to have several a month published. My work has been featured on Reddit.com, Lifehacker.com, several other growing sites, and republished for different professional organizations. For my most recent work, head back to the main page of my site.

My writing style is accessible and often humorous. Or at least I hope it is. That being said, if you’re looking for strictly technical documentation, I’m well versed in creating and editing such documents. As a programmer and web developer of custom applications, I am well experienced in creating in-code documentation, administrator and end user documents and training tools. In my time as an instructor in the RCAF and at college, I also developed expertise in creating training plans, testing methods, and training aids.

If you’ve got a project that require some technical writing, feel free to drop me line and we’ll see if we can work together.