kill-a-watt electricity use monitoring tool

Save Money on Electricity with This Handy Tool

Nova Scotia Power (NSP) recently announced that power rates are going down just under a percentage point. Any savings is welcome news, but you’re always up for saving even more. You know about turning the thermostat down and LED lights. But did you know about

Get more out of Google

Get More Out of Google

If you’ve walked past a computer in the last 10 years, you’ve heard of Google. It is, by far, the most popular search engine out there. So much so that its name has become a verb for searching the web. We don’t search for things,

disk defragmenter

Computer Getting Slow? Try Defragging.

Over time, computers will run slower and slower. Just like everything else, they need some maintenance every once in awhile. On of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do is defragmenting your hard drive. Sounds pretty technical, but it’s a simple process.


Can You Really Make Money On-line?

Times are tough. Most of us have never known times that weren’t tough. Yet you can use your computer to help you earn a bit more money. Sure, there’s lots of “I made $8,247 last month. You can too!” scams out there. We’re not talking


TV Over the Internet – Can You Cut the Cable?

Netflix, Shomi, Hulu, YouTube, Channel B – all are streaming video services providing you with thousands of hours of entertainment. Services like these do it all for free or at a tenth the price of cable or satellite TV. Because of the low cost and

Laptop Spill

What to Do if You Spill on Your Computer

It happens. You sit down at the computer with your tea to catch up with friends. You reach for a pen to write something down. Bonk. You knock your teacup over and it spills across the computer. Now what? First, pull the power. It’s not