Blue Microphones Snowflake USB Microphone

The Internet is all about video right? Wrong. Use Skype or Google Hangouts to talk to friends and family far away? How good would that be if they can’t hear you clearly? A good microphone is half the battle.

It’s easy to use. Just plug it in to your computer using the USB cable provided. It’s versatile. You can set it on the desk as much as 2 feet away and get clear and loud sound recording. It’s portable. The Snowflake folds up and all the contents can fit back in the excellent packaging, or put it in your bag with your other accessories. It’s sturdy. There’s more metal than plastic in this mic.

The Snowflake microphone from Blue is more than an affordable USB mic. The difference between it and the mic built into your laptop or tablet is like the difference between watching TV with an antenna versus high definition on a flat screen. Either way, you’ll get the picture, but the newer one gives you the whole picture.

If you wanted to get that kind of quality from any other mic, you’d be paying at least twice the price. Funny thing is, Blue is not a minor brand from left field. It’s a respected brand even in the professional podcasting and music world.

Enough of that. Picture time!

blue snowflake mic on table

Desktop Stand

blue snowflake mic on laptop

On Laptop

Blue Snowflake microphone packaging

Well Packaged

Blue Snowflake mic contents

Blue Snowflake Mic Contents


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