convert E: /fs:ntfs Not Working – convert.exe unable to open image ‘E:’

Just wanted to convert the file system on a drive without formatting it? Tried to do it through the command line but got a weird error message?

If you get the error message convert.exe unable to open image ‘E:’ or whatever the drive letter is that you’re trying to use, then you’ve got ImageMagick installed.

How’d I know that? It just happened to me. I was in the process of making a Compact Flash (CF) card bootable, so that a computer could use the Windows operating system image on it. It’s a specialized computer without a hard drive, so this is how it’s set up.

How Do I Fix It?

The fix is simple. Uninstall ImageMagick. As soon as you do that, you can return to the command line and run the convert E: /fs:ntfs command again, and it should work.

What If I Still Need ImageMagick?

As you can see, the problem comes with both process having the same name, and so they both try to respond to the convert command.Of course, the simplest option is to uninstall ImageMagick, do your filesystem conversion, then reinstall ImageMagick.

If you’d like to have them both available at the same time, you could try finding the convert.exe file that ImageMagick uses and name it something else. But beware! I honestly don’t know how that will affect your ability to use ImageMagick in general.

At the very least, you would have to remember to use the new name to call the function. So, let’s say you called it imconvert.exe, you would now have to change any script to call the function by imconvert instead of the former convert.

If having both the convert and convert.exe functions available is non-negotiable, it’s an option worth looking into.

Hope that helps!