Free Computer Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

You’re reading this site and that tells me that you want to learn more about computers. It’s great that you check in every week and get a little nugget of knowledge. Keep doing that. Yet you don’t have to wait for another week to go by to learn more.

Imagine if there was a resource that could teach you all the basics about your computer. It would also teach you how to use Microsoft Office, e-mail, the Internet in general, and even some photo editing. It exists.

Head over to Think of it like driver education, but for the computer. You know how you learn a bit about the parts of a car in driver’s ed so you have a better appreciation for the car? Doing so also gives you the ability to speak to your mechanic better, so they can better help you fix the problem. The same applies with computers. If you know what the essential parts are and generally know what they’re supposed to do, you’ll be able to communicate better with your computer technician.

The driver’s ed analogy doesn’t stop there. Many of the courses at will provide you with the knowledge to get your International Computer Driver’s License (ICDL). It’s also known as the European Computer Driver’s License (ECDL). It’s a worthy goal to work towards, especially if you want to be able to prove to employers that you have mastered basic computer skills.

ICDL / ECDL - Computer Driver's License

ICDL / ECDL – Computer Driver’s License – Prove you’ve got the skills.

If the thought of getting a certification is a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. You can pick and choose the things you want to learn about. There’s no pressure to follow a study plan. There’s no need to write tests, unless you want to. Each course uses a lot of videos, so it isn’t dry learn-by-reading either. For the person who wants to expand their digital world, this is one of the best sites there is for you.

There are many other sites on the Internet that are designed to help newcomers explore their digital world and make better use of it. is just one of them, but it’s a really good one that I can personally recommend. I hope you enjoy it. Someday it might be you writing this column.

First Published: The Guysborough Journal, Vol . 21, No. 32, August 12, 2015

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