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What if your computer could give you money? No, this isn’t about on-line businesses or some get-rich-quick scheme.

This is about using the most powerful calculator in your home to do your taxes.

You may already know about some tax preparation software, like TurboTax and Ufile. Did you know that there are several tax programs that are available for free? They are also certified by Revenue Canada to work with their NETFILE program. NETFILE is the system that allows you to submit your tax return through the Internet, which gets you your money back a lot quicker than regular mail.

Go take a look at Revenue Canada’s list of certified software. There are programs for Windows and Mac computers, and even for iPhones and iPads. There are also programs you can use on-line with your web browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Let me tell you about the one I’ve used.


After 11 years in business, StudioTax is easily the most popular free tax software. It’s available for Windows or Mac computers, and you don’t have to give them any personal information to download it. Go to to get it. It’s completely free to use to complete up to 20 tax returns. That should take care of your entire family.

Studio Tax Screenshot

Studio Tax Screenshot

StudioTax can be used for personal and business taxes. There is no restriction for a maximum income level either, like some other free software. Still, there are a couple limitations, but for most of us it will do the job. It doesn’t support Form T1273 – AgriStability / AgriInvest Programs, and the Mac version can’t be used to prepare Quebec tax returns.

If you get in the habit of using StudioTax, you can import this year’s info into next year’s software, when it comes out. If you’re using any other software and want to import last year’s return into this one, sorry, you’ll have to do it manually.

StudioTax also has their own channel on YouTube. You can access it from within the program. There you will find several videos in English and French to help you complete your return.

If you are happy with StudioTax, please go back to their website and donate maybe five bucks, maybe more. TurboTax would have cost you $39.99 and UFile would cost $29.99. Never mind what an accountant or tax preparation service would cost. This software is incredible, especially for the price.

First Published: The Guysborough Journal, Vol . 24, No. 10, March 11, 2015

Addendum: I’ve since taken a much deeper look at GenuTax Standard as well. Very good, and it can handle previous tax years if you haven’t filed already.

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