Recover Deleted Files with Recuva Free

Gone. Your stomach flops and you wonder how you could have hit delete when you meant to hit save. That’s a horrible moment. It’s a moment that is likely to happen to anyone, sooner or later.

The good news is that a deleted file isn’t necessarily gone forever.

Most times it just moves the file into the Recycle Bin on your desktop. If you double-click on the Recycle Bin, you’ll see all the files and folders you recently deleted. Near the top-left of the window, it reads Restore all items. Click on that and all the files will go back to where they came from.

If you only want to restore a single file, right-click on it and then click on Restore. That file will go back to where it came from, as well.

But what if you already emptied the Recycle Bin? There’s still hope.

Get a program called Recuva at the website When you get there, you’ll see two buttons: Download and Buy Now. Clicking on Download will get you the free version. Clicking on the Buy Now button gets you the same software for about $30. Both give the same software but the paid version comes with support and it automatically updates itself. Your choice.

Recuva Deleted File Recovery

Once Recuva is downloaded, go ahead and install it. It opens and starts with a ‘wizard’. This is just a way of saying it will walk you through the process in an easy to follow way.

You’ll see that Recuva can help you restore all sorts of files: documents, pictures, music, videos, even e-mails. You can even use it to recover files on USB flash drives, iPods, even smartphones. Pick what you’re looking for and where to look for it. Then start the scan.

Once Recuva is done scanning, it will show you a list of files. Some will be marked with a green dot meaning there’s a really good chance it can recover it. A yellow dot means it might be able to recover it, but it might not. Red means that file is beyond recovery. Let’s hope your file has a green dot.

Put a checkmark beside the file you want and click the Recover button in the bottom-right corner. Follow the next steps it shows you and, with a little luck, you’ll get that file back!

First Published: The Guysborough Journal, Vol . 21, No. 21, May 27, 2015

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