Spring In to Action with YouTube

The kids love their music videos and viral videos, but YouTube is so much more than that. For you, it can be a complete how-to library, but in video. Let’s take a look at a few channels that could help you around the home, this spring.


You’ll enjoy these how-to videos from MrJustDIY. He’s just an ordinary guy who wants to help you out. His videos are his way of doing this. Start out with his video on how to clean your air conditioner this spring. Ever done that? It can help keep your home cooler, and prevent sickness from mold or fungus.


Expert Canadian gardener, Mark Cullen, has plenty of videos to help you grow. You might recognize him from the radio, CTV, or his several books. Take a look at his video on Early Spring Lawn Care. You might pick up a tip or two.

Cottage Life DIY

If you’re thinking about building something for summertime fun, Cottage Life DIY has plenty of projects for you. They post a new video every Friday. We all love washer toss, but how about something to help you pick those washers up. What if it could double as a container for your sociable beverage? Watch the following video to see how it’s done.

Once you get over to YouTube, take your time searching around. Search on things you’ve always wanted to try but weren’t quite sure how. Chances are you’ll find a well done instructional video that will walk you through it. It’s like having an expert in your own home.

First Published: The Guysborough Journal, Vol . 21, No. 20, May 20, 2015

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