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Windows Calculator – Does More Than You Think

July 9, 2019

There are so many nooks and crannies to Windows. There are little programs and utilities everywhere that most people don’t know about. Of course, you already know Windows has a calculator program. But did you know it can do much more than your basic math functions? Just click on View in the top-left corner of the Calculator app to see all your options. 

Sure you can add, subtract, divide, and multiply. But you can also change the basic calculator to be a scientific calculator. Good to know when the kids say they forgot their calculator at school and can’t do their homework. It can also be used as a programmer’s calculator for things I don’t even know about. And for the college and university students, it can be changed to a statistics calculator. 

As the infomercial says, “But wait…there’s more!” 

Did you know Calculator has a built-in mortgage calculator? How about the built-in vehicle lease calculator? Even a mileage calculator! So important these days with the price of gas. You can figure out your mileage in miles per gallon and liters per hundred kilometers. 

You can do unit conversions too. Wondering how many liters are in a US Gallon? Or how many kilometers are in a nautical mile? Calculator can perform these conversions so easily and simply. You’ll have a hard time finding a unit conversion that Calculator can’t do. 

Windows Calculator also has a date calculator. Wondering how many days until Christmas? No problem. Curious about how many days you’ve been alive? Easy as pie. If you’re trying to figure out what the date will be in 137 days from now, Calculator can do that for you too.  

All these functions and features in one little tool. Just sitting there. Makes you wonder what other hidden goodies Windows might have for you. You know I’ll share those in time, too. Happy computing! 

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